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Exception or error:

I’m having trouble with androidpublisher.inapppurchases.get

My project is just according to and it worked fine until I migrated to new Google Play Account. So now when I execute request Server-to-Server I am receiving this response.

  "code" : 401,
  "errors" : [ {
    "domain" : "androidpublisher",
    "message" : "The current user has insufficient permissions to perform the requested operation.",
    "reason" : "permissionDenied"
  } ],
  "message" : "The current user has insufficient permissions to perform the requested operation."

Anybody is familiar with this response because in google documentation there is no clue about this.

How to solve:

Problem solved adding user service account email address as administrator user in google play settings.


From Google Play Console go to (with admin access):

  1. Setting (Left Panel)
  2. Developer Account (Left Panel)
  3. Users & permissions (Left Panel)
  4. Click on the Invite New User button.
  5. Enter the service account email (the same you have in the json file you are using and that google generated when you created the service account)
  6. Select Administrator in the Role DropDown menu.

That’s it. No one can stop you now! 🙂


Unfortunately, the accepted answer did not work for us. For verifying a receipt you would need an Access Token. The Access token is being generated by RefreshToken. RefreshToken has an association to a Google account. That Google account should have View financial information In Google Play console.

  1. Get Redirect Url using Android Client ID
  2. Use Redirect URL with a Financial Access Enabled Account to get Refresh Token
  3. Get Access Token with that Refresh Token
  4. Use Access Token to verify IAP receipts

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