android – PREVIEW – Google Nexus 5X – 6.0.0 (API 23) Gapps-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Is there is some Gapps flashable zip, that works with PREVIEW – Google Nexus 5X – 6.0.0 (API 23) on Genymotion?

I have tried

and few others but only benzo succeed in flashing. Using benzo Google apps crash because of missing some *.so files.

Do any one succeeded in flashing gapps into PREVIEW – Google Nexus 5X – 6.0.0 (API 23) and can tell which gapps package is working?

Update for some “Professionals”
Negative votes requires explanation or solution!

How to solve:

After some testing last night, I managed to get the Play store up and running:

  1. first flashed the,
  2. then flashed the,
  3. restarted the virtual machine,
  4. signed in to my Google account (while a few play service errors did pop up),
  5. flashed,
  6. restarted the virtual machine and it was up and running.


[solved] Wow finally let Play Store to start without play services errors on Preview Nexus 6P (after a second reboot)


I was able to flash this one flawless but I have issues with Google Play Services.


Best place to find play services for your device Choose x86 for genymotion

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