Android push message without gcm possible?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Is there any possibility to implement push-messages to android without google cloud messaging?

I already took a view on openmobster but it does not satisfy my needs.

I need to:

  • create push-messages to an android device
  • self-hosted

A complete sync-framework (with REST) for android would even be better 🙂

Thank you

How to solve:

You can use

Tokudu notification


Rabbitmq works perfectly fine, but I dont know about effectiveness. Roaring Rabbit of is supporting only 100 concurrent connections and 229$ per month. What if you have more than 100 mobiles that are currently connected to rabbit. I made the push with’ little lemure. May be you need to have a rabbitmq server in ec2.


You can check with Parse library

You can also see userban airship.

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