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Exception or error:

This question is a almost dublicate of Android App: how to read Font Size under Settings? I read the answer of CommonsWare which points to use Settings.System.FONT_SCALE. So I wrote this few lines:

float scale = -66.6f;
try {
    scale = android.provider.Settings.System.getFloat(getContentResolver(),
} catch(SettingNotFoundException e) {
    Log.e(getClass().getSimpleName(), "Error: ", e);
Toast.makeText(this, "scale=" + scale, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

My problem is that I always get the SettingNotFoundException I’m using an Android 4.2.2 device. By the way I that code is in an onCreate callback of an Activity.

I also googled for that problem and found about 3 sites which uses the same code. Is some special permission required? I tried also the permission android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS without success.

How to solve:

I just found in the source code of Settings.System this function:

/** @hide */
public static void getConfigurationForUser(ContentResolver cr,
                                       Configuration outConfig, int userHandle) {
    outConfig.fontScale = Settings.System.getFloatForUser(
        cr, FONT_SCALE, outConfig.fontScale, userHandle);
    if (outConfig.fontScale < 0) {
        outConfig.fontScale = 1;

There is however the FONT_SCALE in usage so I checked for that Configuration class where the documentation points to getResources().getConfiguration(). So I cound fix my code by using:

float scale = getResources().getConfiguration().fontScale;


You can set system font according to font scale.

Example: For huge font scale is 2.0 then you can set as follow.

Configuration config = new Configuration();
config.fontScale = 2.0f;


Add “float def” param to the end of the

public static float getFloat(ContentResolver cr, String name, float def)


scale = android.provider.Settings.System.getFloat(getActivity().getContentResolver(),
                                    android.provider.Settings.System.FONT_SCALE, 1f);


You could probably use getResources().getDisplayMetrics().scaledDensity

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