android – Reading Multiple SQl lite databases to single mysql database for read, write, upload and download-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am fairly new to programming. Need some help with this.

Currently, I am using 2 sqllite databases (running on android tablets) and I would like to sync to single Mysql database. The tablets have user profiles (reading from the mysql database). My target is :

1) A user can create a record in the tablet (This will update the main mysql db)
2) All SQL lite dbs should be able to read the main mysql database and download locally
3) If a record is created for the same user from another tablet, the system should concurrently update all the SQL lite dbs as well as the main db
4) Any validations created on the mobile application should be updated across all tablets.

Should you need further info, pls do let me know.


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