android – Refresh fragment when dialogfragment is dismissed-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Is there any way I can detect when a DialogFragment is dismissed, so that i can update its parent fragment?

How to solve:

You can add a listener and override the onDismiss of your fragment dialog :

public class DismissDialog extends DialogFragment {
    private DialogInterface.OnDismissListener onDismissListener;

    public void setOnDismissListener(DialogInterface.OnDismissListener onDismissListener) {
        this.onDismissListener = onDismissListener;

    public void onDismiss(DialogInterface dialog) {
        if (onDismissListener != null) {

Then, on the parent, you set a listener :

DismissDialog d = new DismissDialog();
d.setOnDismissListener(new DialogInterface.OnDismissListener() {
        public void onDismiss(DialogInterface dialog) {

    });, "sometag");


Override onDismiss() of DialogFragment, or when building the underlying dialog, set a listener with setOnDimissListener().


One way to deal with this is to embed your DialogFragment within an Activity and display the activity as a Dialog, there’s a tip in the following link that explains how:

You can use this to update the underlying Fragment because when the Dialog (which is an Activity) is finished, onResume() will be called on the underlying fragment. Add code to update the state of the fragment in the onResume() method and that’s all there is too it.


I tried @Gazer answer, it doesn’t work for me, I am using different fragment class


But I got this working

  1. Create an interface class

    public interface MyDialogListener {
        void OnCloseDialog(Object obj); //you can put any object here
  2. Implement the interface class in the Parent Fragment

    public class ActionBarFragment extends Fragment implements MyDialogListener{
        public void OnCloseDialog(Object obj) {
            //Do you refresh
  3. and then I add the listener inside the DialogFragment

    public class SpecialDialogFragment extends DialogFragment { 
        MyDialogListener mListener;
        public SpecialDialogFragment(MyDialogListener listener) {
            this.mListener = listener;
        public void onStop() {


I just solved this in my project. What I have is an activity with a ListFragment. In that list fragment, when a particular item is clicked, I display a DatePickerFragment (a custom DialogFragment that displays a DatePickerDialog). When a date is selected, I want the ListFragment to be refreshed.

To achieve this, in the activity that hosts the ListFragment (and it also hosts the DatePickerFragment, as a matter of fact) I implemented a method that simply replaces the ListFragment with a new instance, like so:

public void criteriaChanged()
            .replace(, new FilterFragment())

I call this method from the DatePickerFragment, from onDateSet():

FilterActivity fa = (FilterActivity) getActivity();

This does the trick for me.

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