android – registerIdlingResources deprecation replacement doesn't work-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I’m trying to replace my Espresso registerIdlingResources and unregisterIdlingResources deprecated method by using IdlingRegistry method according to android documentation.

Some of my tests worked before the update and no longer works now… These tests work unitarily but not together.

I noticed that there is a little difference with the old version (of Espresso class), this line is not present in IdlingRegistry class :

baseRegistry.sync(IdlingRegistry.getInstance().getResources(), IdlingRegistry.getInstance().getLoopers());

I think this sync method is very important for my custom IdlingResource…

How can I sync my looper without this line ?

Thanks you for your help.

Edit: I use EspressoCore 3.0.1 with runner/rules 1.0.1

Edit2: Link of documentation who has been specify deprecation : Here and Here.

How to solve:

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