android – Reserving a package name on Google Play-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Application names on Google Play don’t need to be unique, and it’s possible to request Google to remove violating apps through trademark claims or DCMA. What’s not really clear, however, is how it works with package names.

What if I’m developing “the Google app” (forgive me for a silly example) but somebody beats me to registering

  1. Can I prevent this from happening by uploading a signed, though unpublished APK to Google Play? Or do I actually have to publish the empty app?
  2. Can I request Google Play to remove the existing app with its package name (and allow me to take it) because they’ve illegitimately used “google” in the package name?

Another question appears here on Stack Overflow, but doesn’t really address package names.

How to solve:
  1. Yes. Just make a build of the app, sign it, submit it to your account, but Save, don’t Publish. You’ve then reserved your package name, but nothing is publicly visible.

  2. You can make a Copyright claim, whether you get anywhere is another matter…

Most normal people won’t care or even notice what’s in the package name, so for me I’d be more concerned about the branding and whether someone else were using a copy of my branding to promote their own offering.

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