android – Set expiration policy for cache using Google's Volley-ThrowExceptions

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Is it possible to modify the expiration policy for the cache on Google’s Volley lib? I believe you can implement your own cache, however is there an easy way to do this with the default implementation?

How to solve:

It seems that currently the cache expiration is controlled solely by the “Cache” headers in the response so basically you are left to the mercy of the server. Whatever server returns in the “Expires” or “max-age=” that will be used.
We will have to use our own cache if we need custom expiry policy…


No need to write your own cache implementation. You can change method response), ignore these headers, set entry.softTtl and entry.ttl fields to whatever value works for you and use your method in your request class.

There is an example in my answer to similar question – Android Volley + JSONObjectRequest Caching

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