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I need to create use an SIP stack on Android, which will work with asterix and will give users the possibility to change codecs (i need to implement G729 and some other codecs). I’m new in this field (voice and codec), and every bit of information will be appreciated. In my research across the Internet, I found the following SIP stacks:

  1. PJSIP
  2. MJSIP

What do you recommend to use for a commercial program? Or you can recommend some other? For my particular situation, it must support the G729 codec.

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I would recommend also Doubango. It supports G729 as you would like, and there’s an example project you can look into, which uses the framework – ImsDroid – there’s a lot of features already provided by ImsDroid and the source code is open.


PJSIP is highly recommended. You can look at CsipSimple which is an opensource Android phone using PJSIP and a good place to start. PJSIP supports a number of codecs including G.729 and speex, has small memory foot print and has extensive documentation.


Although I have never tried this sdk for mobile development (but I can confirm its performance in the field of Windows VoIP SIP applications), I think this android voip client example can be also a possible alternative to the previously mentioned Android SIP stacks.


I had to build a SIP app for work, currently we are using Linphone which can be found here

It provides a ton of features from VOIP, Chat (text) Video Calls, remote provisioning, as well of a slew of codecs including G729. It does require compiling its C files to java and it takes a little bit for trying to get that to work. This can be done on Windows though it is a fair bit more work and you’re better off to use Linux to this.


As a fact, no sip stack will give you support for any specific codec. Codec integration always manual as like a plug in.

There is some open-source sip based projects as like csipsimple which has G729 codec integrated . If you study how they have added the codec then you will own able to add any codec in any other sip based frameworks.

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