Android studio 3.1 run command does not rebuild the APK-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

This is very annoying aspect of the new android studio version 3.1, I used to launch run command after every code changes, the IDE rebuilds the (whole project & APK) and then deploys it on the target device.

Then after upgrading to version 3.1, the run command does not rebuild the apk any more, and displays the following error messages.

android studio 3.1 Session ‘app’: Error Installing APK

android studio 3.1 The APK file Error while Installing APK

so I have click on” rebuild & run” each time I make code modification, how can I restore the old behavior of version 3.0.1

How to solve:

Go to Run -> Edit configurations. And then make sure you have Gradle-aware Make option like below screenshot.

enter image description here

If not then click + and select from the

More update in twitter regarding this:


disable the instant run option.
Open Settings from File > Settings
Navigate to Build,Execution,Deployment > Instant Run
Uncheck the enable instant run check box

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