Android Studio can't start git, although actually can-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

My Android Studio is complaining about

Can’t start Git: /usr/bin/git

Probably the path to Git executable is not valid

although I can actually use git in android studio, and /usr/bin/git works in terminal.

How do I get rid of this false error

Here is my ~/.bash_profile

export PATH=/usr/bin/git:$PATH

How to solve:

It is probably a permission issue on AS side. You could try to symlink /usr/bin/git to /user/local/bin/git and make AS pointing to the symlink.


If you’re on Mac OSX, run sudo xcodebuild -license in the Terminal. It will show a wall of text. Carefully read the license 😉 and keep pressing Space until you reach the end and then simply type agree and hit enter. This fixed the above error for me on Android Studio.

On some occasions even that might not fix this issue. Try running the following command in the Terminal and restart Android Studio.

sudo /usr/bin/git


Fixed it.. There was no Xcode installed on my mac.

Installed it from command line

xcode-select --install

It will ask for prompt to install accept and install

Then try

git --version


After update Xcode to 7.0 my Android Studio complained about Git and the solution for me was go to terminal and type

 sudo /usr/bin/git


sudo git --version

This will show you this message:

You have not agreed to the Xcode license agreements.You must agree to
both license agreements below in order to use Xcode.

at the final you have to agree the license

By typing ‘agree’ you are agreeing to the terms of the software
license agreements.


In order to find the git path:

which git


First you need to accept the license

xcodebuild -license accept


In my case i downloaded an update of Xcode and didn’t remember to Accept the New License Agreement/Terms and Conditions. So i just started the Xcode and Agreed to New License Agreement and it started working.

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