Android Studio Emulator E/AudioFlinger error message-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

When I start any device from the AVD Manager it just loops this error message infinitely:
E/AudioFlinger: read failed: framesRead=-1

It even does that when I create a new device. Doesn’t matter if “Use Host GPU” is enabled or not.

When I start my application it would usually start up right after the emulated device started up. Since this error message appears it does not start my application automatically (the app can still be started manually though).

Anyone else had any experience with that and maybe a possible solution?

EDIT 1: It stops looping the error message as soon as i hit the app button. Seems to just occur on the home screen.

How to solve:

Open Google Settings app > Search & Now > Voice
Here you need to turn off “OK Google” Detection. It may be grayed out and disabled with mark “Retrieving settings…”. To make it enabled, just change the language to any other one in the field above it. If selected language is unsupported for “OK Google” detection, the switch inside this menu will be also grayed, it fixes the problem as well.


I have the same problem, and if I don’t stop it, Logcat will “say” “Too much output!” and if I still don’t stop it, I get prompts to send an error report to Google, even freezes.

I finally learned to put a strange set of characters that can’t possibly be displayed by an error message (I use “~~~~~”) and put the same string as the first argument of my Log statements and all I see are my own messages. Of course this means I don’t see errors, especially Exceptions, so I just put Excep after the string “~~~~~” and delete them one by one (otherwise, here comes the deluge again).

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make sure you have audio permission in your manifest:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO" />

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