Android Studio release build does not output aar-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I have create a very simple ‘Android Library’ module with only one class which builds fine in debug releasing build/output/library-debug.aar

But, when I switch to release, even though it says build successful, the aar is not there.

The Android Studio project only has this library module.

Thanks for advance.

How to solve:

To get the aar, you can do the following

1) “View/Tool Windows/Gradle”, to open the gradle window

2) From gradle window, run assembly Gradle task by double-click on My_Plugin_Android/:My_Plugin/Tasks/build/assemble

Then the release and debug aars are outputed.


Here are the steps:

Step1: In Android studio open 'gradle' window.
Step2: Select your library from the gradles projects
Step3: Click on Tasks => build => assemble

The aar file will be generated in ‘build/outputs’ folder in finder window.


Set up your project as an Android library.
In build.gradle file: plugin: ''
You can see the output in: build/outputs/aar/[your module].

Read this article about your problem.

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