android studio with Java compiler error: string too large to encode using UTF-8 written instead as 'STRING_TOO_LARGE'-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

When I clean the android project in android studio, the error happen, I have backed to previous commit or different branch, which works find couple days ago, but has this error now. I have checked this question and there is not large image or strings added for my project. STRING_TOO_LARGE String in Kothlin

How to solve:

For the time being, you can downgrade Gradle version to resolve this issue.
Use gradle 3.1 version like 3.1.3 below.

  classpath ''


I had encountered the same and fixed by clear the build cache .


I was stuck on this problem and read through this topic and no one provided a future solution. I did NOT want to revert back my Gradle. Therefore, here is the link to the updated dependencies Look for the “Android Studio (or Gradle)” section and you should see this "implementation 'com.stripe:stripe-android:8.1.0'" also you might need to add "-keep class** { *; }" if you are enabling minification in your build.gradle file.

Overall Stripe has stopped updating their own “Stripe docs” which can be found here. To give them credit their docs are helpful and should be read at least once, but be mindful that most of the docs are out date when I wrote this…

Hope this helps 🙂


You can use AAPT (from the android sdk/build-tools) to examine the APK and look for the offending string with the following command line (Linux):

// Linux/Mac
./aapt dump --values resources MyAppName-regular-debug.apk | grep -B 1 'STRING_TOO_LARGE'

// Windows
aapt dump --values resources MyAppName-regular-debug.apk | grep -B 1 'STRING_TOO_LARGE'

Which should point you to the culprit. In my case it was:

resource 0x7f0f015a t=0x03 d=0x00000f10 (s=0x0008 r=0x00)
      (string8) "STRING_TOO_LARGE"


None of the above solutions worked for me. What ended up being the cause of the problem was, as it states, a String that was too large. Specifically, in my arrays.xml file under the values directory, I had some SVG arrays that were used within my app and commenting them out solved the issue.

If you know for certain you have some longer Strings somewhere in your resource directories (/res), check for any large Strings that may be lurking.

Also, this solution may help others but was not linked to in this thread.


clear your gradle in windows

gradlew cleanBuildCache

in mac

./gradlew cleanBuildCache

then building you apk if your project has problem it will be show you in the ‘Messages’
view. location your problem and fix it. run agent.

enter image description here


In my case, the problem was due to the following lines in the manifest:


Once I deleted them, the build went fine.


Just use gradlew cleanBuildCache in your Android studio terminal


In my case, i deleted a view from xml but forgot to remove its references in my kotlin code. Make sure to check this before doing anything fancy.


just use <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> before in your drawable file.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        android:pathData="M0.043,245.197c0.6,10.1 7.3,18.6 17,21.5l179.6,54.3l6.6,123.8c0.3,4.9 3.6,9.2 8.3,10.8c1.3,0.5 2.7,0.7 4,0.7c3.5,0 6.8,-1.4 9.2,-4.1l63.5,-70.3l90,62.3c4,2.8 8.7,4.3 13.6,4.3c11.3,0 21.1,-8 23.5,-19.2l74.7,-380.7c0.9,-4.4 -0.8,-9 -4.2,-11.8c-3.5,-2.9 -8.2,-3.6 -12.4,-1.9l-459,186.8C5.143,225.897 -0.557,235.097 0.043,245.197zM226.043,414.097l-4.1,-78.1l46,31.8L226.043,414.097zM391.443,423.597l-163.8,-113.4l229.7,-222.2L391.443,423.597zM432.143,78.197l-227.1,219.7l-179.4,-54.2L432.143,78.197z"/>

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