android – What is the unit of bitmap.getWidth() or bitmap.getHeight()-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

The developers website simply states that getHeight() will return the bitmap’s height, but can someone tell me that is in pixel unit or dp unit?

How to solve:

It’s pixel. In Java code you usually work with pixels, e.g. a view’s width and height.


After Hours of Experimenting I found that it actually return height in dp units.You can verify it by changing the device screen in emulator.


bitmap.getWidth() returns width in dp unit or densitiy.

To get dpi (density per inch) for a device, use

float dpi = context.getResources().getDisplayMetrics().density;

To convert dp to px

float px = dp * dpi;

and to convert px to dp

float dp = px/dpi;


If you read on how android deals with views this not clear at all. See “Supporting Multiple Screeens”. After reading that document I have come to the conclusion that “it depends.” (And I’m still guessing as I have not verified my analysis.) If the View was declared with size “wrap_content”, “fill_parent”, or “dp” then you get “dp”, otherwise you get pixels. If you used “dp” then scaling to pixels is achieved by multiplying by


For 160 dpi screen, this returns 1.0; for 320 pi screen this returns 2.0.


Dividing by getResources()….density.

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