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Where does Android emulator store SQLite database?

I am using SQLite and phonegap to create a multi platform app. However, I have run across an issue.

I am now looking for the location the phonegap stores the database files named 0000000000000001.db and database.db

I have found this for iPhone, however cannot seem to get the location for the Android. I am currently running on a simulator and actual device (ARCHOS).

How to solve:

Open the DDMS perspective Window: (window->open perspective->other->DDMS) It should open in a new tab.

Go to DDMS -> file explorer -> data -> data -> see your package name -> databases -> here your database file. (In the upper right, choose “Pull file” from device.) Export it and open through an Sqlite database connector.

You will see your updated data. Before taking these steps make sure that you have run your application first.


Here you can find your database, but only on emulator

enter image description here


usually the database of app resides at the below folder


But have never used phonegap, so this might be different. You could check at above location.

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