android – Where to report device-specific bugs to Samsung?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I’m looking for a place to report Android bugs on Samsung devices. The place would ideally have actual representation by Samsung developers. Japanese forums are ok.

I have tried: – This has a Java ME forum but the existing Android posts are unanswered. – Points to the same content as the 1st link.
– Calling Samsung 3rd level support to ask for a reference – they told me to use the 1st link but couldn’t tell me which forum was appropriate to file bugs against Android devices.

How to solve:

They can solve even a device specific bug or forward it to a device manufacturer, optionally extending the CTS to cover a given case.

It’s also good to let Samsung know about a bug. The best place for that seems to be their developer forum:


Answer may be obsolete – there is a developer forum on Samsung devs website and it looks like Samsung people provide actual help.

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