android – Which Activity method is called after all the layout methods?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I need to do something in an Activity after all the layout methods have been called, all the Views are in place and the Activity is ready to be displayed.

Which method can do that?

How to solve:

If you are trying to get a width of a view or something. This should work

Add this to your activity’s onCreate

ViewTreeObserver vto = layout.getViewTreeObserver(); 
vto.addOnGlobalLayoutListener(new OnGlobalLayoutListener() { 
    public void onGlobalLayout() { 
        // Put your code here. 



There’s no magic method for that AFAIK. Suggest adding a Handler to your activity class, and post() a Runnable to it from onCreate() that contains the code you want to run.

If that’s still too early you can postDelayed() instead.

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