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Exception or error:

I added a sidemenu to a tabs project. Adding a sidemenu seemed to work perfectly fine, until I checked it on an android emulator.
When I run it in the browser, the button opens the menu. When I run it on an iOS emulator it works. But on the android emulator it doesn’t open the sidemenu.
Not sure what it would add, but the code:

<ion-split-pane contentId="content">
  <ion-menu contentId="content">
        <ion-title>Side menu</ion-title>

      <p>Side menu content komt hier</p>

  <ion-router-outlet id="content" main></ion-router-outlet>

    <ion-menu-button slot="start"></ion-menu-button>
    <ion-title>Pagina Titel</ion-title>

I tried adding menu ids and stuff, but so far no luck.

Think it has to do with the split-pane, as a simple button with a function do open the menu doesn’t work either.

Not sure if it matters, but might as well add. I have this in a shared module so I can use it on multiple pages.

Edit: I create a sidemenu app. The things that is different, mainly is that the default sidemenu app has the whole ion-split-pane inside the ion-app section. With me using a custom component, it’s not directly inside it, which might cause the issue.

How to solve:

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