Api Intergration on php project-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am new to API, I wanted to integrate an API but don’t know to get started.

This is the Intro & Authorization page

Our API lets you access most of the features we have available via a
well crafted RESTful API that is easy to make use of.

Before you can make use of our APIs, you are required to Sign up and
request for an agent account by sending us an email at

Live API Endpoint: https://aimtoget.com/api/v1/

All request to every API endpoint must be authorized using your
private key available on your dashboard.

When making requests, the “Authorization” header must be passed in
like below (Replace “[SECRET_KEY]” with your secret key).

            Authorization: Bearer [SECRET_KEY]

Now this is the page containing the API I want to integrate

POST /data

Data topup endpoint.


“phone”: “PHONE NUMBER”,
“network_id”: “NETWORK ID”,
“variation”: “DATA VARIATION”
“pin”: “WALLET_PIN” }

phone Phone number to top up
network_id Network to top up
variation Data variations, ID from one of the data variations retrieved from /data/variations
pin Your wallet transaction pin

Sample Response:

“status”: “ok”,
“msg”: “Order received”,
“data”: {
“msg”: “250MB data purchase for PHONE successfully received”,
“ref”: “f785179a9e16458e”
} }

This is the page https://aimtoget.com/developer/api/data

please can someone help me with the basics I can code the rest

How to solve:

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