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Exception or error:

I’m looking to do a very simple piece of code that plays a sound effect. So far I have this code:

SoundManager snd;
int combo;

private void soundSetup() {
    // Create an instance of the sound manger
    snd = new SoundManager(getApplicationContext());

    // Set volume rocker mode to media volume

    // Load the samples from res/raw
    combo = snd.load(R.raw.combo);

private void playSound() {

However, for some reason when I use the playSound() method, nothing happens. The audio file is in the correct location.

How to solve:

Is there a specific reason you are using SoundManager? I would use MediaPlayer instead, here is a link to the Android Docs

then it’s as simple as

    MediaPlayer mp = MediaPlayer.create(getApplicationContext(), R.raw.combo);

Make a directory called “raw/” under the “res/” directory. Drag wav or mp3 files into the raw/ directory. Play them from anywhere as above.


i have also attempted using the top answer, yet it resulted in NullPointerExceptions from the MediaPlayer when i tried playing a sound many times in a row, so I extended the code a bit.

FXPlayer is my global MediaPlayer.

public void playSound(int _id)
    if(FXPlayer != null)
    FXPlayer = MediaPlayer.create(this, _id);
    if(FXPlayer != null)

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