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Hi I have researched the internet and i havn’t found any really good answers to enable me to figure out how i would be able to use the fingerprint via automation.

My goal is:

  1. Open an application
  2. If the application has biometrics enabled + the phone supports it set-up biometrics
  3. use biometrics to log into the app

I have a couple of cases there and i know the they would be split down more than the steps above but that would be my overall goal.

I am using appium with the robot framework. Appium supply one line of code:


with only the follow bit of explanation: “For Android emulator. Authenticate users by using their finger print scans.”

This is not very useful and from what i can understand if i added this to my python library and call it as a keyword it would use whatever fingerprint is stored on the device. I need to be able to create the fingerprint via emulators as well otherwise i will be spending lots of time setting up emulators.

Can anyone out there enlighten me on how to achieve the above or is it simply not possible?

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