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I’m looking for a single book source for Android 2.0 development.
While I may be ok with a general Android development book, a book which covers 2.0 features is ideal.

What is the best Android 2.0 book out there, or upcoming?

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At the time of this writing, the Android 2.0 SDK has been available for about 2.5 weeks. Hence, it will be months before you will be able to compare a wide range of print books specifically for their Android 2.0 coverage. I will be impressed if there are more than three authors with Android 2.0-ready books by the end of February 2010.

I can tell you that:

  • One of my books will be updated to be compatible with Android 2.0 within the next few days. However, there is little new in Android 2.0 that affects that specific title, and that book is available primarily in digital form.
  • My other two main books will be updated with some Android 2.0 content shortly — digital editions by the end of the year, printed editions in early 2010.
  • I am under the distinct impression that Reto Meier and Ed Burnette are planning on updating their books.
  • I do not know anyone else’s plans in this area.

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