Blank activity with fragment not in android studio-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Hi my problem is that when I want to create a new project in Android studio and I want to choose blank activity with fragment is not in add an activity to mobile window. Any solution that help me to fix it?

How to solve:

You can find it once you go to the next page.
Just check the box saying “Use a fragment”and click finish.

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I found the answer while doing udacity android class.

Select “Blank Activity” then Next


As android studio is being updated so now you can just select blank activity then check the box “Use a Fragment” on the next page. then you will have activity with fragment.

Hope this helps..


With version 2.1, select “Basic Activity” instead of Blank Activity. You will see the “Use a Fragment” checkbox. Click on it, there you go…


I had the same problem with the Android Studio 2.3 (today the latest version), here is the process:

Create new Activity:

Create new Activity

Tell the activity to use a fragment:

Tell the activity to use a fragment

It worked for me. I wish for you as well.

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