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Is there a lisp ported to android with the NDK? I’ve been thinking of writing one in C++, for a project I have going, but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Has anyone seen such a beast?

I have seen this project, but it’s not quite what I’m looking for…

How to solve:

There is an effort underway to run ECL on Android with the NDK.

Embeddable Common Lisp (ECL) is an implementation of Common Lisp that compiles to C.

According to a recent post from the developer about the status of ECL on Android, “it’s now at a point where it’s reasonably complete.” The developer is currently working on adding bindings to the java API.


I hate answers that just have a link but I came across this blog post of a guy who got Gambit Scheme running:


From the comments it looks like this blog post was discussed on the Mailing list, so it might be possible to build it without patching now.


Don’t know about NDK lisps, but there is at least a port of clojure for Dalvik (so not NDK) but it is right now pretty much too slow to load to be really useful. Apparently, there is some focus to improve load time on android.

Other refs: http://www.deepbluelambda.org/programming/clojure/creating-android-applications-with-clojure

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