Can Not Increase Android Emulator Internal Storage-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I can’t increase android emulator internal storage more than 533 MB even I already tried:

  1. Edit disk.dataPartition.size=1G in config.ini file
  2. change the configuration on Android Virtual Device Manager like screen shoot below.

But the android emulator internal storage still 533 MB

enter image description here
My setting for emulator

  1. android studio 1.3.1
  2. Nexus 5 emulator profie
  3. Target sdk 5.1.1
  4. cpu x86_64
How to solve:

You can resolve this resizing the userdata.img file located on your avd emulator folder:

cd ~/.android/avd/yourEmulatorName
e2fsck -f userdata-qemu.img
rm userdata-qemu.*
resize2fs userdata.img 1024M

Now start your avd emulator again and you’ll see that it’s storage was increased. Windows users can do this with Cygwin enabling the “e2fsprogs” package on install/update.

P.S.: You must change 1024M to your wanted value of internal storage.



The e2fsck is not really necessary, as pointed on comments by @BoD.

So all you need to increase the internal storage is run two commands on your target emulator folder.

In other words, you must:

  1. Delete the old emulator images
  2. Resize the userdata image file to wanted value
cd ~/.android/avd/yourEmulatorName
rm userdata-qemu.*
resize2fs userdata.img 1024M


I tried many time to increase internal storage of an existing avd but didn’t succeeded, the answer: delete the current avd and set the internal storage while creating it

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