Cant pull/push git from Android studio 4.0 canary-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Each time I attempt to pull a repo from bit bucket, I keep getting the error

 Failed to start Git process User Authentication Token not found

I have tried resetting the windows credential, uninstalling and reinstalling both git and Android Studio, as I think there is a compatibility issue with Android studio 4.0 and my pc which uses windows 10.

Any ideas?

How to solve:

The following helped me:

  1. From the directory of the previous version (I checked on 3.5 and 3.6 versions) C:\Users\(Your user)\.AndroidStudio3.(version)\config copy the user.token file.
  2. Paste it into C:\Users\(Your user)\.AndroidStudioPreview4.0\config
  3. Launch any git operation requiring authorization (push/pull), in the window that appears, enter your authorization data.


Here’s the workaround from Google’s issue.

  1. Close the IDE.
  2. Remove settings for Android Studio 4.0 or copy them somewhere else.
  3. Install 3.6 RC 1.
  4. Run it and perform any Git operation in the IDE.
  5. Close 3.6 and open 4.0 again importing settings from the previous version.


You are not alone with it.

Have the same issue on Linux (Android Studio 4.0 Canary 5).
I could not “Enable Version Control Integration” in the new project.
I tried to login on GitHub in settings (Version Control -> GitHub), I put my token and then seen the success… but when I closed the settings window and reopen it I seen the message “Missing access token”.

EDIT: 2019-12-21

I want to make you happy.
I found the page with previous versions of Android Studio.
Git works in Android Studio 4.0 Canary 4, just remove your version and download it on the link below.


If you’ve created two-factor authentication, you can’t log in like this, so try something like this:

git remote -v 
git remote remove origin 
git remote add origin  

visit here to get token:

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