Can't type into Android Studio's built in terminal-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Don’t know since when, but I was off work for a few days, and now Android Studio is wont to not let me type into the built in terminal.

I use Android Studio on my HP laptop with Windows 10 on top of it.

Here’s a screenshot, as I click on it the cursor gets highlighted and starts blinking as usual but typing into it doesn’t work anymore.

Android Studio terminal

Well I have tried

  • adding terminals,
  • removing Terminals,
  • deleting AS data, and
  • even reinstalling AS completely

If anyone has got a solution, please assist.

How to solve:

This is an issue on Windows 10. To fix it, open a command prompt window (cmd.exe), then right click the title, and open Properties. Check Use legacy console, and it should go back to working (might need to restart Android Studio).


This behavior is a problem related to an incompatibility between IntelliJ (and then Android Studio) and the new windows 10 console

It is possible to bypass the problem enabling the legacy mode in the
terminal options.

  1. Launch a command prompt from windows (win+r and then type cmd)

  2. Right click on the title

  3. properties

  4. options

  5. check Use legacy console, then click OK

Check Use legacy console

  1. Close the terminal and open another one (or just restart Android
    Studio, it works both ways)


This happens with Windows 10.I also experienced the same issue and Resolved with the following steps.

  • Step 1 Check Use Legacy Console in CMD Prompt
  • Step 2 Restart Android Studio
  • Step 3 Now try in Android Studio


If you are a poweruser and you don’t to use the old console.
You can add the path of android tools to OS ‘PATH’ variable, and then you could access from the CMD.
Cumbersome but works.


It is still not working for me. Did both path setting and old console ,restarted studio ;still I cant type in the terminal window of android studio; however on some occasions,if I remember correctly , it has worked though – using Windows 10 + studio 1.4.1 .

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