Capturing/Intercepting Android Intents during runtime-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Is there any way to capture/intercept Intents of application during runtime without modifying Android framework?
Modifying Android framework might require too much work.
Please help me.

How to solve:

To view Intents as they happen, run logcat in a shell and filter it down to just the Intents like this:

adb logcat | fgrep -i intent

(You can also add a filter for just your app’s Intents, but that would exclude Intents sent to your app by the system and by other apps.)

This should show Intents such as

I/ActivityManager( 585): Starting activity: Intent { action=android.intent.action…}

To see system-wide Intents, try the Intent Intercept app.

To see all Intents sent to your own classes, then

For info on all the standard Intent actions, see Intent.

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