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I know nothing about JavaScript.

Assume that v contains a list of positive integers, vi is an index value, say current vi = 0.

I would like to know how to convert v.splice(vi, 1) to Golang

Is .splice() is equivalent to slices?

How to solve:

v.splice(vi, 1) removes 1 element from vi. To do the same in go, you can do:


That is, first get the slice up to vi, then add all the elements after vi.


From :

array.splice(index, howmany, item1, ….., itemX)

Parameter: index
Description. An integer that specifies at what position to add/remove items, Use negative values to specify the position from the end of the array.

Parameter :howmany(Optional)
Description: The number of items to be removed. If set to 0, no items will be removed

Parameter:item1, …, itemX (Optional)
Description: The new item(s) to be added to the array

You may visit for trying it yourself

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