cordova – Create PhoneGap 3.0.0 project error – 'platform add android' i not a node-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am trying to get setup with phonegap 3.0.0. I am totally new to phone app development….just fyi.

Per instructions on phonegap’s site (here), I am attempting the "platform add android" commmand from within my newly created project (“phonegaptest”) and getting the following errror:

enter image description here

Found one other instance of this on the web and it was a path issue, I don’t think mine is as I can type ‘android’ at the command prompt and it shows a list of valid commands.

How to solve:

Instead of attempting the platform add adroid command as posted on phonegap’s website, skip that line and go onto the next line and do: phonegap build android. Then it will work.

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