create shape xml file in drawable folder in android studio-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am using Android studio 1.2.2 and need to know how to create a new shape file in drawable folder. I have already done the same in Eclipse but unable to do so in the android studio 1.2.2

How to solve:

follow these steps

  1. create a drawable folder in res directory.(if not present)

  2. right click on drawable folder> New > Drawable resource file

  3. Give your file a name and change the root element to shape.
    (its selector by default)

now you are good to go.


I was confused by the post from Anirudh when he said to change the root element to shape. But here is full demo.

Basically, the shape element is not provided by drawable resource file list by default. So just create one and then change the root xml element to shape, manually.

enter image description here


  1. Right Click On drawable folder
  2. Select New -> XML -> Layout File
  3. Type Root Element shape

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