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I’ve been creating a website and a portion of the site is designed to be printed on tabloid paper in portrait mode. The problem I’m having is when the print dialog comes up in Chrome it’s missing the “Layout” options.

In this screen shot, the left side shows how my dialog box looks vs. how it looks when I print other websites. The ironic thing is even other sites I’ve created have the option as shown on the right, which is the desired behavior.

print dialog example

My question is, what controls this behavior? How do I correct it? In searching the web the only mention I’ve see of this is when Chrome is displaying PDF files, but I’m displaying a web page.

Any insight you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

How to solve:

If you have an @page size declaration in the print CSS, this will override (and hide) the orientation on the print dialog. To override a declaration that is set elsewhere (e.g. Bootstrap 4 does this) you can add:

@page {
  size: auto;

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