data binding – Android: Databinding expression with enum comparison-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

is it possible to create a databinding expression and control the visibility of a view element by using enumerations? What I want to achieve is the following

    android:visibility="@{user.editType == EditType.EDIT_PROFIL ? View.VISIBLE : View.GONE}">

The EditType class is very simple

public enum EditType {

It would be awesome if I can use this enumeration within the XML to control the visibility of my LinearLayout.

Anybody got an idea how to achieve this?

How to solve:

To me it seems like what you want to achieve is possible and I dont see anything wrong except maybe u lack of the tag? I dont see it…

 <import type=""/>


I would recommed you to separate the logic from the UI. All logic of the visibility should be done in java code in diferent events. I would say something like @Demo_Mail suggested would work if implemented on the OnCreate() method of your Activity/Fragment but reading the data-binding tag suggests me that you want to do this dynamically, at any point in the run (correct me if Im wrong). In that case I would suggest to create an OnClick() or OnSelectItem() method that will be executed in the moment the user selects a value of the enum (in a comboBox for example). This method will set the visibility of the view.

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