docker – Failed to init indexer err="no eth client"-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am following this tutorial to run Ethereum crawler using Docker on window 10 using docker

after executing

$ MYSQL_DATA_PATH="$HOME/indexer-data/mysql" GETH_DATA_PATH="$HOME/indexer-data/geth"docker-compose up 

in this line i got these errors list in error log

  1. ERROR[10-24|11:57:34|indexer/root.go:143] Failed to init indexer err=”no eth client”
  2. geth_1 | Fatal: Error starting protocol stack: listen unix /root/.ethereum/geth.ipc: bind: operation not permitted
  3. 409 Client Error: Conflict for url: http+docker://localnpipe/v1.25/containers/48cf94dec42853d560a6f404dc3f4a48131bae79c16c24a7f653943305978eab/attach?logs=0&stdout=1&stderr=1&stream=1
  4. RuntimeError: Can not reuse socket after connection was closed.
  5. WARN [10-24|11:57:34|multiclient/client.go:782] Failed to dial eth client detail log you can see

full code:

git config --global "usrname"
git config --global user.password "paswd"
git clone
cd eth-indexer
touch .env
echo "MYSQL_DATA_PATH=~/indexer-data/mysql" > .env
echo "GETH_DATA_PATH=~/indexer-data/geth" > .env
git add -f .env
docker-compose build
mkdir -p ~/indexer-data/mysql ~/indexer-data/geth
# Create database sechema
MYSQL_DATA_PATH="$HOME/indexer-data/mysql" docker-compose up idx-database idx-migration
MYSQL_DATA_PATH="$HOME/indexer-data/mysql" GETH_DATA_PATH="$HOME/indexer-data/geth" docker-compose up
How to solve:

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