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I tried searching on here but couldn’t find the answer.

I’m looking for a way to launch the Hierarchy Viewer from within Android Studio, rather than having to launch it at the command-line. I’ve recently migrated to Android Studio from Eclipse, and this functionality was available under the DDMS set of tools in that IDE.

I’ve looked under the “Android” toolbar, and can see the screen-shot functionality there, but not the hierarchy viewer. I’ve also looked under Tools > Android in the menu system, and it’s not there either.

How to solve:

DDMS, Hierarchy Viewer, openGL Tracer etc all moved into Android Device Monitor. To access:

  1. In Android Studio: “Tools” menu > Android > Android Device Monitor
  2. In ADM: “Window” Menu > Perspective
  3. Click on Hierarchy Viewer.


Another option is to use the new Layout Inspector introduced in Android Studio 2.2.

Android Studio 3.2

The layout inspector is now found directly under tools. Tools > Layout Inspector

Android Studio 3

The layout inspector can only be found under Tools > Android > Layout Inspector

Android Studio 2.2

Instructions from original link on how to open the Layout Inspector:

To open the Layout Inspector, first launch your app on a connected
device or emulator. Then open the Android Monitor window, select your
device and app process, and then click Layout Inspector . You can also
open it by clicking Tools > Android > Layout Inspector in the menu

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