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I have a layout that adds textviews dynamically and i want to divide each textview with a line.

Something like that:




I have found ways to underline the text, but i want draw a line with fix size not underline the text.

Can anyone help me out ?

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How to solve:

This is the simplest and most similar to using the <hr> tag in HTML:

Put this in your XML layout where you want the line:

   android:background="#ffffff" />

This will draw a white line, 1 dp thick, across the screen. If you want it to be a fixed width, just change the layout_width to the dp size you want. Change the background to the HTML color code of your choice.


just add this style:


to your TextView


If you want to add programmatically then do this:

mTextView.setPaintFlags(mTextView.getPaintFlags()| Paint.UNDERLINE_TEXT_FLAG);

or you can add this to strings.xml:

<string name="your_string_here"><u>This is an underline</u>.</string>

or :

SpannableString spannableStringObject= new SpannableString("Your text here");
spannableStringObject.setSpan(new UnderlineSpan(), 0, 
spannableStringObject.length(), 0);


You can build a ListView, it has a divider, and you can add line dynamically。

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