Firebase console – problem receiving test push FCM notification in android device-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am sending push notification using firebase console and i am getting “0% of potential users are eligible for this campaign: 0”. and push notification is not displaying in mobile..If anyone got same experience and solve issue then please suggest me how can i solve this issue. I followed all the thing..that i added json file that i got from firebase.

How to solve:

Please check for the following:

  • Have you configured your android package name correctly.
  • Did you place the google-services.json file in android/src folder.
  • Make sure you have done all steps present in this link (If you using android studio i suggest going with option 2)
  • Get user token to send firebase message Follow the steps

After all these if you still can’t receive push notifications try setting channelid in advanced messaging options


Refer link step by step and you will be good to go for your push notification using fcm and if you already implemented the basic things then compare your code with the sample code step by step mentions on the link. you must find out the error. let me know if it resolves your issue.


Go to Build –> clean project –>Rebuild project

(Build is at top in android studio)

Why it was not working – You must have had deleted google-services.json file and re-added it.

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