Getting error in Android Studio 2.1 with java 8-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Currently I am using java 8 with latest android studio 2.1

Here is my build.gradle file

android {
    compileSdkVersion 22
    buildToolsVersion "24rc3"

    defaultConfig {
        applicationId ""
        minSdkVersion 10
        targetSdkVersion 19
        jackOptions {
            enabled true
    compileOptions {
        sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8
        targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8

I am getting the below compile time error that I have no clue Failed
to compile at at at$
… 8 more Warning:Exception while processing task
Failed to compile :oTT:compileDebugJavaWithJack FAILED Error:Execution
failed for task ‘:oTT:compileDebugJavaWithJack’. Failed to compile Information:BUILD FAILED

Please feel to ask if you need some details.

How to solve:

I had this error too, and what I found was that the error itself was masking another compilation issue. Look at your Console Messages carefully and see if there is something else not compiling. Once I solved the underlying issue with my own code, this error magically disappeared. Hope this helps.


Try to use next values:

compileSdkVersion = "android-N"
buildToolsVersion = "24.0.0 rc3"


you can try

compileSdkVersion 23
buildToolsVersion '24.0.0-rc3'

note the dash before rc3. This is according to under the section “Update an existing project”

I am using 23 just for the lambda.

the following link shows the Supported Java 8 Language Features and APIs


I think we are all looking mostly at the same answer. To be precise I’d say “make sure the buildToolsVersion = "[version]" is the same as the [version] in the error”.
For some this will be 24.0.0


Some java 8 features only support Android N. read android docs

When I use Default Methods on sdk23, I got this error too. so update your sdk version to Android N.

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