go – Cannot get current window title-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I try to get windows title on gmail inbox page after it was opened.
For some reason the title is empty.
What am I doing wrong?
Chromedp is used for browser automation.

var title string

err := chromedp.Run(taskCtx,
    chromedp.WaitVisible(`body`), // gmail inbox page was opened in browser
if err != nil {
    if err.Error() == "context deadline exceeded" {
        log.Println(err) // this line executed
    } else {

log.Printf("success.\ntitle: %s\n", title) // title is empty!

The output in console:

2019/10/22 08:01:49 context deadline exceeded

2019/10/22 08:01:49 success.


How to solve:

The Title function is probably not executed due to the error printed in the output. You should fix this before focusing on the title

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