go – Error trying to connect to AD server from Gitea-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I configured Gitea to authenticate against an AD server, and I’m receiving the following error:

[...dels/login_source.go:390 LoginViaLDAP()] [E] LDAP Connect error, my.ad.server.address.here:LDAP Result Code 200 "Network Error": read tcp <gitea host ip>:37590-><ad server ip>:389: read: connection reset by peer

What is strange to me is that the number 37590 in the example above always changes at each occurrence. Is it a port number? If true, how can I track it so I can whitelist it at the AD server firewall?

I’m a newbie in Go, so I can’t figure out what’s happening.

How to solve:

The 37590 that you see is the source port. It is the port that the server will use when replying and helps your computer know which application the response is for. It’s normal for that to change on each request.

You are correct in thinking that this is a network problem. The error message “connection reset by peer” means that someone along the line (either a firewall along the path, or the host itself) closed the connection. (a little more detail here)

If it is a firewall that is not allowing you, then you need a rule allowing access from gitea host ip:any to ad server ip:389.

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