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Exception or error:

I have a slice of objects I want to save to Mongo collection. Let’s say

type (
    User struct {
        AccountId       string
        Name            string
        FamilyName      string
        EmailAddress    string

func persistUsers(ctx context.Context, db *mongo.Collection, users []User) {


Some users are already saved, some – aren’t. I want to upsert the slice. Hence I have two question:

  1. How can I user mongo.Collection.BulkWrite()? I can’t find obvious explanation how to put slice of objects into it.

  2. How do mongo decides what is new, what is old and has to be updated? According to _id?

How to solve:

How can I use mongo.Collection.BulkWrite()?

This example code is based on MongoDB Go driver v1.1.2. First you need to import the following:


And below is the example code for Collection.BulkWrite and utilises your User struct example:

collection := client.Database("databaseName").Collection("collectionName")

var operations []mongo.WriteModel

// Example using User struct
userA := User{AccountId:"1", Name:"John", FamilyName:"Smith", EmailAddress:"john@example.org"}

operationA := mongo.NewUpdateOneModel()
operationA.SetFilter(bson.M{"AccountId": userA.AccountId}) 
// Set Upsert flag option to turn the update operation to upsert
operations = append(operations, operationA)

// Example using bson.M{}
operationB := mongo.NewUpdateOneModel()
operations = append(operations, operationB)

// Specify an option to turn the bulk insertion in order of operation
bulkOption := options.BulkWriteOptions{}

result, err := collection.BulkWrite(context.TODO(), operations, &bulkOption)
if err != nil {

For more information please see:

How do mongo decides what is new, what is old and has to be updated?

If there is no document matches the query criteria (the filter), then update() inserts a single document. If there are documents that match the query criteria it becomes an update. See also Upsert Behaviour for more information.

If your update query criteria contains _id with dot notation, please see Upsert With Dotted _id Query.

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