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Exception or error:

Caddy uses Apache License 2.0

However, using their build server for commercial purpose is not free.

Yes, it is! Caddy is licensed under Apache 2.0, which requires
attribution and stating changes made to the code when forking it,
using it in your own projects, or distributing it. Subscriptions, on
the other hand, are for non-personal use of our build server, which is
different from Caddy itself. The build server creates custom builds of
Caddy for you.

It also mentions –

If you download Caddy’s source code and build it yourself, you don’t
need a subscription. Only commercial use of our download page requires
a subscription. Keep in mind that if you build from source, you will
have to manage Caddy plugins on your own.

So my Questions are –

  1. How to create custom builds of Caddy without their build server?

  2. How to manage Caddy plugins manually?

How to solve:

OP Here. Some of the links posted in the question are dead. This is because, Apparently Light Code Labs in partnership with Ardan Labs decided to permanently change all proprietary licensing to open source.

  1. Drop plans for “Caddy Enterprise” branding
  2. Invite the community to collaborate in the development of all of Caddy, including former-Enterprise-only features
  3. Drop all build server subscriptions, startup packages, and private plugin hosting

You can find more about it here and here.

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