go – How to send email using Outlook's SMTP servers?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I want to send an email using Outlook servers, but I’m getting an error 504 5.7.4 Unrecognized authentication type

Here’s the snippet.

func sendEmail() {
    server := "smtp-mail.outlook.com
    port := 587
    user := "foo@outlook.com"
    from := user
    pass := "foobar"
    dest := "bar@gmail.com"

    auth := smtp.PlainAuth("", user, pass, server)

    to := []string{dest}

    msg := []byte("From: " + from + "\n" +
        "To: " + dest + "\n" +
        "Subject: Test outlook\n" +

    endpoint := server + ":" + port
    err := smtp.SendMail(endpoint, auth, from, to, msg)
    if err != nil {

If instead of sending the email using outlook, I use gmail, it works fine.

In Python, I can send the email using outlook with the following code:

    server = smtplib.SMTP(server, port)
    server.login(user, password)
    server.sendmail(from, to, msg)

So I guess I’m missing something in my Go code. According to the doc, SendMail switches to TLS, so that shouldn’t be the issue.

How to solve:
auth := smtp.PlainAuth("", user, pass, server)

This is using the authentication method PLAIN. Unfortunately smtp-mail.outlook.com does not support this authentication method:

> EHLO example.com
< 250-AM0PR10CA0007.outlook.office365.com Hello ...
< 250- ...

Thus, only LOGIN and XOAUTH2 are supported as authentication methods.

server.login(user, password)

Python supports LOGIN so it will succeed.

Golang smtp does not support LOGIN. But this gist seems to provide a working fix by adding this missing authentication method.

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