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I’ve two accounts as Android Developer at Play Store: Account1 and Account2. I have an App with package com.example.miapp associated to Account1 from long time ago. I need to associate the App to the Account2; that Account2 will be the owner of this app. In other words, migrate my app from an account to another. Is posible?
If I need something similar but between two different persons accounts, is it posible?
How I can do that?

How to solve:

Yes it’s possible. I’ve done it.

Details can be found here:

or here:

The problem is not transferring an app to another account (and it doesn’t matter if that’s between two of your own accounts or between two different persons’s or company’s accounts), that’s a matter of less than a day, but transferring the signing key. If the signing key is used for no other apps, then there’s no problem. If other apps are signed with the same key and if the transfer happens to another person/company then you’ll have to share the key, which isn’t always desirable.

My recommendation is therefore to sign each app with another key, because that makes such a transfer easier.


There is now a checklist and special form for transferring some (or all) of one account’s apps to another. See here:

You will need the Google Wallet transaction IDs you received after Google Play developer registration on each account.


Here is a chat transcript I just had with Google on this topic. I may seem redundant with other answers, but I only intend this to be for people to be a little more confident in moving forward with this solution:


I want to change the email address of the account owner on my google
play console. It is the same person, (me), but I want to use my new
G-Suite account.


Once a developer account is created, the email address used to
register is permanently tied to the account. However, you can create a
new developer account under a different email address and request an
app transfer here:
Once the transfer is complete, we can close and refund your original


That seems like it might have some undesirable side effects like
changing the URL of my apps or other downsides. Please detail the
potential side effects that my users might see.


So users will be unaffected, the app URL doesn’t change, you maintain
all the stats, ratings and reviews. The only thing that doesn’t get
transferred is financial data since the revenue in the past went to
the original account.

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