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I did the googling and checked all the relevant questions on StackOverflow but question is still standing:

Is there a limit on how many different apps can single developer publish on Android Market?

I am not talking about updates etc. I mean different Free Applications with different ID, different functionality and different APKs under same developer ID.

Proof links are more than welcome.

Update: I am aware of the limit on size. But the question is there a limit on amount?
Failed to find anything on it in Terms of Service but I am not a lawyer.


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Judging by the lack of “any” documentation that would stipulate these regulations, I’d have to say NO. There is no limit to the number of apps per developer ID that can be uploaded, simply size constraints per apk. Why would the Android team try to limit the amount applications uploaded by any developer?

For instance: If I were to create 5 really bad apps, and they had a cap of 5, I would then not be able to take my experience programming those bad apps to create my final “well rounded” application. Thus they would be allowing me to put 5 bad apps and not the good ones, and in essence bringing the overall quality of their market WAY DOWN. That’s just a simple example of why I don’t think this would ever happen.

Another would be that there are people, or companies, that can code 15-20 good apps that would benefit the Android Market. If they limit them to a certain number, then they’re shooting themselves in the foot again..


Google publisher account have a limit of 15 APKs per day. and there is no limit on number of apps by developer. i have uploaded more than hundred apps in my account and it is still active .


I have an old suspended account from 2012 had over 2500 apps published, but with new policies coming out Google forced us to update all apps in 30 days, impossible to update that many in a month so my account got terminated even though I unpublished the apps I didn’t update. I also had a friend that had over 5000 live wallpapers on his account.

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