gradle – After update – Error:Failed to find:

Exception or error:

Gradle project sync failed.

After update the android SDK i got this error:

Error:Failed to find:

  • I have checked that the sdk location wich is updated is used by android studio
  • I’ve got Google Repository installed and Android Support Repository too all up 2 date.
  • Also i have a ANDROID_HOME local variable pointing to the sdk im actually using
How to solve:

try using instead of 5.2.8.

you can also look for the right version number in your services directory:

.. /android-studio/sdk/extras/google/m2repository/com/google/android/gms/play-services/


Check your sdk extras packages, you need to install:

  • Google Play services
  • Google Repository

For me, the thing was that I didn’t have the second one installed and then “—:5+” worked
as described here:


You can now use

compile ''


I use

compile ‘’

Even though it warns against it. If things go flakey after an update I’ll revert back to the current version.


I had the same problem. I solved using:

compile ''


Suggesting using Open File> Project Structure, click the “add (+)”,
searching for “play-service” to select the currently available version.
Something like this image:

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