Hide markers info window in android google maps API v2-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Currently I was able to view all my markers in Google maps using Android Google maps API v2.

Adding my marker in map:

     (new MarkerOptions()

I have several markers and assigned few values (My_VALUE_1 and My_VALUE_2) to each marker’s snippet and title. When user clicks a marker, I need these unique value and I will receive these values in onMarkerClick listener as:

        public boolean onMarkerClick(Marker theMarker) 
            String aValue1 = theMarker.getSnippet();
            String aValue2 = theMarker.getTitle();
            return false;

My question is: as I am adding the snippet and title values to the marker, when user clicks the marker, infoWindow is displayed.

I need to hide the marker’s infoWindow. I tried with hideInfoWindow, but it seems to be not working.

Any suggestions please.

Thank You.

How to solve:
return true;

from onMarkerClick to disable default behavior of showing info window and centering on the marker.


If you use clusters, write so:

private var clusterManager: ClusterManager<SomeClusterItem>? = null

override fun onMapReady(googleMap: GoogleMap) {
    this.googleMap = googleMap

    clusterManager = ClusterManager(context!!, googleMap)
    ... // Other clusterManager and clusterRenderer initializations.

    clusterManager!!.setOnClusterItemClickListener { item ->
        // selectMarker(item)
        true // false, if you want to show InfoWindow.

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