How do I register my Google Account in the android emulator running 2.2 api level 8?-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Possible Duplicate:
Android Emulator – Trouble creating user accounts

I’m trying to register a Google Account with the Android emulator running 2.2 API level 8. Forums suggest that you can do this by going to Settings -> Accounts, however for me I only have the option to add a “corporate” account, i.e. an Exchange account, not a Google Account.

I wish to add this Google Account to test c2dm from the emulator.

Does anyone know how to associate a Google account with the emulator in this build?


How to solve:

Turns out I was using the image “Android 2.2” instead of “Google APIS (Google Inc)”. Using the Android SDK and AVD Manager, create a new virtual machine with the correct image.

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